"New-Method" No. 31

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"New-Method" No. 31

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 31 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Shintaro Okada a.k.a. Sokkyo Scat-Taro for the contributor, who is the director of Gallery Ajito.


On New-Method "5,849 yen" Show
Shintaro Okada a.k.a. Sokkyo Scat-Taro (Gallery Ajito Director)

New-Method "5,849 yen" show started with the opening announcement by Sevich Uguisu in her beautiful voice, followed by the reception party in Gallery Ajito combined together with the grand opening of BiblioMania, a secondhand bookstore in Nagoya Choja-cho underground shopping area.

I want to explain the meaning of the price "5,849 yen" and the process toward its exhibition in Nagoya.

Let's describe 5,849 = 4,999 + 100 + 250 + 250 + 250.
4,999 is the maximum bid price allowed to Yahoo Auction free-ID holders, and 100 / 250 are bidding units at price ranges 1,000-4,999 / 5,000-9,999.  In other words, there were four more bid offers beyond 4,999 yen, meaning that the apparently random final bid price is in fact influenced by the auction architecture.  It reminds me of "Putting Auction Theory to Work" by Paul Milgrom, who wrote this book with inspiration from very smooth auctions at Tsukiji fish market.

Following activities of Reisiu Sakai and Method, I designed a project to ask artists to make somewhat image on plain white Karuta (Japanese playing cards) cards and have continued it since 2010.  Gallery Ajito was derived from this project.  Then I came to get close to Kaido and Hirama (both New-Method members) when I held a solo-exhibition of Haruya Nakajima, working together to develop and realize the idea of using a show-window in front of Gallery Ajito (and inside the second-hand bookstore) for their exhibition space.

After the exhibition period, I received two photos and New-Method members' business cards as collectible items.
Please contact Gallery Ajito if you are interested in collecting their work.

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

pure title works No. 2 No. 2


No description.

- Shogo Baba

Input and Output No. 7


In "Input and Output" No.7, the input is this text itself, and its output unites the input method of "Input and Output" No.2 and the output method of No.5.

- Masaru Kaido

Figure and Weight


This work shows only the figure "73."  Please purchase a weighting machine and 73kg weights, lift the weights on, and set them next to your display device that shows this work.  For your reference, online shopping such as Amazon is very convenient as you don't need to go out.


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[Editor's Note]

On 23rd May, Shogo Baba's work "Latency Between Concept and Instance" was performed again by "Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater" in "THE PERFECT STRANGER vol.0" concert organized by tnwh(te-ni-wo-ha).  Please keep your attention to their individual activities as well.  (M)


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Published on Jun. 4, 2013