"New-Method" No. 39

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"New-Method" No. 39

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and guest contributions.  This issue No. 39 features Masahiro Miwa, a composer and ex-Methodicist.  His new work will premiere at Summer Festival 2014 in Suntory Hall this month.


Speculations and Fruits
Masahiro Miwa (composer, IAMAS/Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences professor)

Looking back now, my engagement with Methodicism was nothing but a destiny, marking a significant turning point which led my music to "Matarisama" and eventually "Reverse Simulation Music."

Having thought about possibilities of algorithmic composition of music, I was exploring "music" described in formal languages where the initial values will "determine all the consequences in future." It was around that time when the plan for "Second Method Art Festival" in an ex-pharmacy warehouse near Asagaya station was being discussed.  The venue was not a concert hall or even a music club, but a storage space in a narrow backstreet.  As a successor to (or replacement for) Tomomi Adachi, I wondered what I could do there. Basically, budget was not granted.  It is fair not to receive any grant because I was not a commissioned artist but "a Methodicist voluntarily undertaking his mission," but it was still very puzzling for the new comer like me.  It was out of this difficult situation where I managed to come up with the idea of "a ritual based on a set of strict rules," namely "Matarisama." My mission was to envision and realize a proper "musical piece," thus not a game or a workshop, with no trained musicians but only unskilled performers including myself.  The mysterious Methodicist "speculation" cannot make any sense without coming into being through "demonstration" "before audience." Other Methodicists I worked together with in those days might agree. I think this is the reason of existence for art, and why New-Method exists.

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

Exploding No Work Work


No description.

- Shogo Baba

A Website With Three Links No. 16 - No. 18


"A Website With Three Links" No.16 is a website with 102 pages, No.17 with 112, and No.18 with 126.  All of these websites have over a hundred pages.  It is gigantic for a website and invokes materiality to the visitors.

- Masaru Kaido



This work is a very private piece based on my personal experience.  I've recently made 5 or 6 omelettes every day as practices to make a really delicious one.  As you know, the recipe of omelette is very simple, but to realize beautifully puffy look and texture, advanced culinary skills are required in mixture of eggs or handling and heating of a flying pan.  Despite the daily practice, I have not achieved an ideal omelette, thinking how I can make it well all day long.  In this work I wrote 8 characters "Omelette," which never disappears from my mind, in 100000-point size.  Be noted that this work may not be displayed as intended up to viewing environments such as devices, operation systems and browsers.


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"Second Method Art Festival" mentioned in this bulletin was held at Asagaya Gallery Warehouse on 14 and 28 April 2002.  The festival is documented at the URL below:

Please also have a look at the description of "Reverse Simulation Music" including "Matarisama" at the URL below:
http://www.iamas.ac.jp/~mmiwa/XORensemble.html  (M)


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Published on Aug. 4, 2014