"New-Method" No. 54

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"New-Method" No. 54

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 54 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features gnck for the contributor, a researcher who explores subjects like character, digital-image and the internet.


Our Neighbour Tautology - The Place to Enact Ubiquity
gnck (researcher of character, digital-image, the internet)

God may or may not exist, but "assuming" it exists, people perform a variety of gestures and procedures.  Such tautological actions put forward forms alone since they arguably lack contents.

We know of visual art and conceptual art, and the latter has developed by abstracting the very concept of "revolution" in the former realm and purifying it as its self-evident purpose.  However, seen from other perspectives, criticism in the conceptual art becomes what we would call "trick" or "nonsense." To make people accept something as "(conceptual) art," it must enact some forms of (visual, or precedented) art again in order to demonstrate the gap between these.

"Application for Disaster Relief Volunteer" by New-Method in 2011 could become a critical work because it successfully attacked shallowness of many artists who tried to convert their anxiety into twisted self-expression through volunteer activities for the post-disaster society.  However, as of 2017, people are still unlikely to see e-zines really serious, so they would easily disregard things delivered on the media.  Although tautologies are ubiquitous across semantic systems, their gestures result in different meanings depending on where they are presented.  I wonder to what extent New-Method are conscious about this plurality in abstraction.  In other words, what distinguishes New-Method from others would tell the nature of their art practice.

Well, you would say it is not like that "New-Method is not XXXX" [defined negatively by what they are not], and it is rather that given situations occasionally reveal "New-Method is New-Method" [tautologically] by chance.  It would be cool, if we could state that so definitively.

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

Automatic Reload


No description.

- Shogo Baba

Meanings and Displays No. 3


HTML, used across websites, provides sentences/words/characters with meanings which hold independence from their signs on display.
This work gives meanings to a web page to complicate what the viewer finds there. This work apply the method to the web work "New-Methodicist Shift_JIS Manifesto."
(cf.) New-Methodicist Shift_JIS Manifesto http://7x7whitebell.net/new-method/manifesto_sjis.html

- Masaru Kaido

Booby trap to make fun of others


I took a photo of a booby trap I made to make fun of others.


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[Editor's Note]

"Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group," convened the fifth conference in Bigakko, Tokyo, on January 29, 2017.  In there, Hideki Nakazawa introduced Shogo Baba's "Why Is It Not Art" (2010) in the context of the "frame problem."
http://www.aloalo.co.jp/ai/research/r005.html (New-Method)


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Published on Feb. 9, 2017