"New-Method" No. 16

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"New-Method" No. 16

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 16 with our works and guest contributions.
Let us inform you about the members of "New-Method."  Hideki Nakazawa is going to secede on 18th February, 2012.  Masaru Kaido (currently, the editor of this bulletin) is going to join on the same day.
This issue features Motoaki Shinohara, the Mabusabi Master who has been advocating and practicing "Method Poem" since he started it about 20 years ago.  (Old-)"Method" about 10 years ago had been established with respecting his activities.  Present "New-Method" has been established with comparing itself with (Old-)"Method."


Quiet and Rad...
Motoaki Shinohara (Mabusabi Master)

"New-Method" was launched several years after (Old-)"Method" stopped its activity.  Then, in the meantime, "New-Method" announced change of its members.  I heard it is Hideki Nakazawa to leave, the only core member working throughout both (Old-)"Methiod" and "New-Method."

As the members of (Old-)"Method" was composed of a combination of Method-artist, Method-poet and Method-musician, it was not difficult to understand it in terms of the genre.  Needless to say, genre-transversality is one of the (consequent) properties of "Method" so that such genre-oriented understanding could be only a matter of convenience, while the members of "New-Method" remain unclear about their genre, which gives me the impression that it has become more compliant with Methodicism all the more.

In any case, the member change this time will totally renew the members from (Old-)"Method" for the first time.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this would bring about.

To me, to be the Methodicist means to be quiet and rad.  The artist must be rad.  They are rad but not necessarily festive.  They are quiet in their attitude of setting a certain rule and committing themselves patiently to its potential through exhausting and exploiting it up.  In that sense, the Methodicist is a remarkable existence in the artworld of contemporary Japan.

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

"The Dessert: Harmony in Red" is the work that Henri Matisse produced


"The Dessert: Harmony in Red" is the work by French artist Henri Matisse(1869-1954) dated 1908.

- Shogo Baba

Ascending Order Sort No. 8 "Quick Sort"


Quick Sort was developed in 1960, generically regarded as the fastest.

- Hideki Nakazawa

Source and Execution No. 82 - 85


These four works share a common XHTML document, each with a different stylesheet just like previous works.  The XHTML document is written to generate five kinds of 100 identical boxes, that is, 500 boxes in total.  The stylesheet is written by inputting every 10 integers from 10 to 250 regularly for 25 numerical values which define the background and five kinds of boxes.  Appearance will change along with balance between window size and magnification, and with the language specifications of either Japanese or English.


- New-Method Night Vol.  4 "Hideki Nakazawa Leaves, and Masaru Kaido Joins New-Method" Feb.  18, 2012, pool, Tokyo.  http://mdel.co.jp/pool/

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[Editor's Note]

Happy New Year to you.  I wish all of you readers a great new year.  At the end of the year, I ate Tanzanian food for the first time.  Pilau, a rice dish cooked with cinnamon, cardamon, cumin and other spices is good smell and delicious.  If you have an opportunity, try to eat the Tanzanian food.  (Kaido)


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Published on Feb.  4, 2012