"New-Method" No. 24

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"New-Method" No. 24

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 24 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Yusuke Shindo for the contributor, who had been a participant in Bigakko art school.


Bulletin, "the method as the ism" and "the method as the method"
Yusuke Shindo (Bigakko graduate)

This paper aims at articulating a way to understand characteristics of former Method (hereinafter Old Method) and New-Method, by bringing it into relief through contrast of their bulletins.

To begin with, let's confirm the basic standpoint of Methodicism.  It can be said that Methodicism employs "logic" as the first principle.  Methodicism in this understanding can be separated into "method" and "ism", and it is important that "logic" is more compatible with "method" than with "ism." Their bulletins, which could be regarded as the most significant work in a way, suggest a border between Old Method and New-Method in their different relations with "method" and "ism." The difference stands out most obviously in "Method" bulletin No.11 and No. 21 issues and "New-Method" bulletin No.7 issue.  The focus point here is how Methodicism deals with intervention from the real society that for them is "chance and improvisation" [as so described in Methodicist Manifest].

As objects [topics] of their activities, "Method" bulletin refers to September 11 attacks in No.11 issue and to a regional moratorium on the use of Depleted uranium bullets in No.21 issue.  What should be noticed here is that these two issues of their bulletin do not use the method as the principle to deal with these objects, but inversely have the method drawn to these objects.  In other words, their ism is confronted with necessity to respond to the real society, drawn to the objects emerging out of chance and improvisation, and led to make a small crack in the principle of their logic.  The method here happens to be applied in accordance with the cracked logic.  Therefore, the method has been applied with deviation from the logic of "Methodicism" by the ism being swallowed in chance and improvisation.

In contrast, "New-Method" bulletin witnessed a diastrophism when No.7 issue was published, but its content remains same as ever before...

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[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

Execute a no work work


A no work work has no substance.  It is completed only with a title.

- Shogo Baba

Quantity and Border No. 8


In 'Quantity and Border' series, quantity and border in No.1 - No.4 are represented as visual.  And these in No.5 - No.8 are represented as only implication.  This work represents the quantity and the border of 'Ascending Order Sort No. 8 "Quick Sort".'

- Masaru Kaido

Ordinary photo


This work, unlike the previous work, is an ordinary photo without any modification.  This photo shows Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in southern England.


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The contributor for this issue quoted previous bulletins for reconsideration of "Method." I recommend you to read those back numbers as well.  See you again in the next issue. (M)


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Published on Nov. 4, 2012