"New-Method" No. 25

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"New-Method" No. 25

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and guest contributions.  This issue No. 25 features Madoka Kouno for the contributor, an improvisor, sound artist, and musician, who once participated in Bigakko art school.


Johnny's, K-Pop, New-Method
Madoka Kouno (Improvisor, Sound Artist, Musician)

I happened to write an essay after a long time, upon an offer from Takahiro Hirama, my old friend, schoolmate and comrade.  As one of those who have occasionally watched New-Method activities since the declaration of New-Methodicism Manifest in September of 2010, I'd like to note what I've personally felt about New-Method.

In days of New-Method with Hideki Nakazawa, I found it very heartwarming that Takahiro Hirama and Shogo Baba followed in Methodicism after Nakazawa, who smilingly observed how they compete each other and get brainwashed by doing so.  Seeing Nakazawa as a Hall of Fame and ranking him separately from the other two, (some) people around New-Method used to whisper around on topics like "Hirama-school or Baba-school? Which are you?" and so on... now I just wonder whether they themselves are aware or not.  Or, are they totally unconcerned about such topics since they are Methodicists? In this way, nothing to do with their ism, I often indulged in fantasizing about their reactions like "Hirama would gently reply with a shy smile... and Baba would say 'I have no interest in such a thing at all' indifferently..."

As Nakazawa left New-Method and Masaru Kaido joined as a new member in the same generation as Hirama and Baba, New-Method seems to have accelerated its quality as an idol group even further.  I must confess that I've come to feel as if being their mum, getting flustered like "Oh my, can they make it well...?" at their performance act, or feeling responsible like "Ok, I must take the best shot!" Toward the New Year, I've recently fancied the members in Kimono style.  It would suit them well.

Let me excuse again, I just noted my personal feeling here, so never anything like an analysis into their activities or works.  Please take it as such.

(Translator notes: "Johnny's" is a Japanese talent agency known for promotion of male idol groups, and a colloquial term for such taste and culture.)

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- Takahiro Hirama



This work is made anonymous.

- Shogo Baba

Input and Output No. 1


An output from an input always stays constant.  The input is arbitrary, and the output is necessary.  This work represents the input and output of the contemporary Japanese syllabary order in Japanese version, and these of the alphabetical order in English version.

- Masaru Kaido

Ordinary photo 2


This work is also an ordinary photo.  The description is omitted.


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Published on Dec. 4, 2012