"New-Method" No. 29

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"New-Method" No. 29

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 29 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Keinichi Abe, an active freelance editor who had once been an editor of "BIJUTSUTECHO" as well.  His recent editorial works include "SUPER RAT," a catalogue of ChimPom, and "MONUMENT FOR NOTHING [TENSAI DE GOMEN NASAI]," an exhibition catalogue of Makoto Aida.


No Longer Editor
Kenichi Abe (editor)

I started working in a publisher from April in 1994, then switching to another publishing company later, consequently having 13 years of experience as a salary-man editor, still titling myself "editor" even after becoming a freelance since April 2007, busying myself about editorial business day after day as ever, not without thinking "well, I'm not doing only editing since I've also done some writing as part of my editing as a writer myself or for somebody else, and sometimes I write without undertaking any task as an editor," yet having not so many offers for writing alone because my title is an editor, which reminds me of the time I was about to leave the company while I found my personnel change was underway, the story too long to tell here, so let's skip it at all, but at that time not meant to deceive myself by saying "I'm not leaving the company to keep working as an editor," a bluff now I feel I'm contradicting through what I'm doing, now trying to attribute it to complication in the course of events, also somewhat finding through my own experience that people might believe an editor and a writer are different species, then receiving an offer from New-Method to write something, with its deadline overlapping my deadly busy time of all days, unable to come up with any clue about what to write at all, desperately managing to work out such a stupid essay as this, feeling down "I would be appropriate for editing, but not for writing after all," while encouraging myself "though, I'm not that bad at writing," facing the fact that this essay has nothing to meet their offer, confronting the number of letters far exceeding their request, and thinking this is the worst writing as a person calling oneself as an editor.

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

Everything Other than Mankind Dies Out in 80 Years


No description.

- Shogo Baba

Input and Output No. 5


"Input and Output" series indicate that web-based works need key-down to a computer.  However these works do not intend to represent the human body.  These intend to represent variations of "input," not of "output."

- Masaru Kaido

Figure and Length


I juxtaposed a figure of "174" and an image of 1 x 4932 pixels.  As the default resolution of the software used to make this image is 72 ppi, 1 pixel x 4932 pixels become 0.36 x 174 cm when converted into centimeters, whose actual output scale however depends on the size of a device to display it. Incidentally, the figure 174 is taken from the height of Toshiro Mifune, which is not much important.


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Their new exhibition "5,849yen" has been held in Nagoya.  This title is the final bid price of "New-Method Auction" held previously.  Please come to see it.  (M)


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Published on Apr. 4, 2013