"New-Method" No. 30

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"New-Method" No. 30

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 30 with our works and guest contributions.  Following the previous issue, this issue features Kenichi Abe again for a review of "5,849 yen" exhibition we held last month.


Lost Whereabouts - Exhibition Review: "5,849 yen" New-Method
Kenichi Abe (editor)

To begin with, please note that I wrote this review based on photos and a text document used in the exhibition.
I was first interested in the bid-price at 5,849 yen, which New-Method used as the exhibition title as well.  The contract price at a prime number is very suggestive once related to New-Method, though I know it is boorish to guess how they think about the price.
Indeed, the work "New-Method Auction" still leaves plenty of mysteries very like New-Method.
For example, while this work is defined as "the whole process from putting an item for auction to its successful bid," it is rather its post-auction process that appears more conceptually interesting, such as purchasing a safebox, keeping the proceeds in it, and losing its key.
Moreover, the bidder received only a document called "Certificate of Successful Bid" in return, and the purpose of the bidding is left unclear.  It remains unknown because New-Method keeps the locked safebox under their control.
We may naturally think that their act becomes a "work" with those following events, but they are to be taken as nothing but "post-auction events" according to their rhetoric.  Besides, though it is possible to suspect that they actually pooled the proceeds for their activities, we should just accept what they state as it is and refrain from making further investigations.
Meanwhile, let mention that I was inspired by their "losing the key" and watched the film "Sid and Nancy" on DVD again.  Having added this anecdote here, I found it totally irrelevant, mere self-satisfaction to confess my taste - no need to say, I do understand it very well.

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- Takahiro Hirama

pure title works No. 1 No. 2


No description.

- Shogo Baba

Input and Output No. 6


"Input and Output" No. 1 - No. 5 are variations of inputs, and works on and after No.6 are variations of outputs on different media.  The input here is this text itself.

- Masaru Kaido

Figure and Time


This work shows the figure "77" and will redirect to another page if you keep this page open for 77 years.  The number 77 is taken from the life of Toshiro Mifune.  You are free to keep watching this work for 77 years to see the moment, but it would be impossible due to your own limited life, durability of displaying devices, changes in web-environments and so on.


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[Editor's Note]

During "5,849 yen" exhibition period, Masaru Kaido had been managing another five exhibitions simultaneously as the chief staff of Bigakko.  Please keep your attention to their individual activities as well.  (M)


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Published on May 4, 2013