"New-Method" No. 37

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"New-Method" No. 37

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and guest contributions.  This issue No. 37 features Taro Yasuno for the contributor, a composer who released a CD "QUARTET OF THE LIVING DEAD" earlier this year.


From Method-Machine to Zombie
Taro Yasuno (Composer)

I had participated in Method-Machine for about 5 years since 2004.  Now I've practiced my own activity called Zombie Music.  Zombie Music is a music performed by my self-build machineries I call "Zombie." The practice of Method Machine was to identify its members with machines in order to realise various art works that are supposed to be Methodicistic.  Those Methodicist works by Method Machine did not expect expertise in specific techniques, such as years of piano lesson, but demanded that its members build up appropriate physical conditions from scratch and keep on training.  Those days left me only bitter memories.  I don't really understand why the hell I had to expense a lot of money to go to Tokyo from my home in Saitama [a prefecture next to Tokyo] only for the training held in a community centre far away from the nearest station, which now I think is almost my dark history.  It was entirely unsuitable for my suburban life style.  That said, I've tried to justify it by thinking that what I thought and experienced through Method Machine is still alive and relevant to myself.  Now I have my un-manned "Zombie" performers do similar things.  I didn't want others to undertake what I feel painful with.  Zombie has its origin in Haitian Vodou, where slaves went insane under intolerable working conditions while the slave owners interpreted them as grotesque as such.  I guess Zombie had since witnessed twists and turns until establishing the present-day representation as we know.  Slaves do what we don't want to do by ourselves.

Taro Yasuno's Zombie Music "QUARTET OF THE LIVINGDEAD"
Release from pdboxx label
Compose/Produce : Taro Yasuno
Cover illustration : Tomohiro Koizumu
Liner notes : Masahiro Miwa / Hiroshi Yoshioka
Package design : Office Rina Okazawa

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- Takahiro Hirama

No Work Work Getting on the Move


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- Shogo Baba

A Website With Three Links No. 8 - No. 11


A characteristics of the website as a form is that it is de-materialistic.  "A Website With Three Links" series intends to represent ideational spatial relations by using HTML hyperlinks.  No.8 is a website with 18 pages, No.9 with 20, No.10 with 24, and No.11 with 30.

- Masaru Kaido

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Published on Apr. 4, 2014