"New-Method" No. 38

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"New-Method" No. 38

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and guest contributions.  This issue No. 38 features Kenshi Takamura for the contributor, a painter who had held his latest solo exhibition "Etude of Emotion" until recently at Shinjuku Ganka Gallery.


A Painting in the Air
Kenshi Takamura (Painter)

I'm a latecomer to New-Method while I have already converted from an artist to a painter.  I would like to express my sympathy to them with a piece of painting.

Now I'll pose several questions.
Are you ready?
To begin with, have you ever seen painting?
Where did you see it?
Which season was it?
Do you remember what time it was?
What colors do you remember?
Do you remember how big it was?
Can you recall the motif?
Had you ever seen the motif in your real life before that?
When did you see it then?
How old were you then?
What has changed most significantly in yourself from that time?
Where is your favorite place?
To tell you the truth, there is a painting behind you.
Did you already notice it?
What is the motif of the painting?
What do you want to see on the painting?
Do you think you will like it?
What can be done to make the painting even better?
How do you think the painting should be?
List up three surprising things you had yesterday.
Do you feel at odd with your own answers?
List up two good things you had yesterday.
Do you want to see the painting behind you?
What do you suggest for funerals in the present day?

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

No Work Work in Proliferation


No description.

- Shogo Baba

A Website With Three Links No. 12 - No. 15


In the previous issue No. 37 I described "de-materiality" as one of the reasons to make website works.  However, a website also occupies part of a storage area of severs located somewhere, being materialized through the physical networks.  "De-materiality" of a website is illusive pseudo-reality.  The larger the website, the more clearly the illusiveness will be revealed.  "A Website With Three Links" No.12 is a website with 54 pages, No.13 with 60, No.14 with 70, and No.15 with 90.

- Masaru Kaido

A Work with its Whereabout Unknown


Although I usually use certain URLs like the one above to release my web works for this bulletin, I uploaded this work at a different location from the URL above at which my work should have been uploaded in the usual situation. Therefore you will only find "Not Found" when visiting the URL above.  The uploaded work may be found by web-search, or will have disappeared or been deleted as time advances.


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[Editor's Note]

At a solo exhibition of Kenshi Takamura I found a work with the same title "A Painting in the Air" as his contribution.  The work presented ashes on a pottery.  All works are noted "to be burnt to ashes after the show." I wonder whether the displayed "A painting in the Air" is remnant of a cremated painting.  Then what was the motif of the painting? How do you think the painting should be? (M)


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Published on Jun. 4, 2014