"New-Method" No. 41

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"New-Method" No. 41

We introduce No. 41 of our email bulletin with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Gen Adachi for the contributor, an art historian and the author of "Memes of the Japanese avant-garde : from anarchism to postwar art."


A method
Gen Adachi (Art Historian)

If there is a method in art, it is almost the same as a way of seeing the world. It seems akin to a boring maxim. Even so, there is still more unknown than known.

At least I can say this on art:
- Great things often suck. - Minor things sometimes have great value.
- Imitations and that which has been lost can be more powerful than something original.
- Old things become new and new things become history.
- Logical things are ugly; beautiful things are not logical. Also ugliness is attractive.
- Social themes become pure ones.
- Sexual things are sober, activities brandishing goodwill are vulgar.
- An excluded local mutant is worth more than a prevailing global standard.

There is an experience of feeling engulfed in trembles, which one can have only a few times in life. But gradually it will be lost and all will become disillusioned. Those who seek art even in such circumstances must be ill.

The world is always ill with art. In spite of these ills, this method of art goes beyond all of the symptoms seen in the world.

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- Takahiro Hirama

No Work Work With No Title


No description.

- Shogo Baba

Multi-Layered Matrix of Symbols No. 1


In the previous work "Multi-Layered Matrix of Numbers No. 1," I composed a matrix of numbers as a logical space which had two layers of semantic contents and visual scales of numbers.  In this work, elaborating the multilayered-ness further, I compose a matrix of symbols as a logical space which had five layers composed of quantities of symbols, their visual scales, their colors, their background colors and the color of the base background.

- Masaru Kaido



I conceived an idea to use language as a medium as it is, trying to come up with some phrases for my work at random.  However, the arbitrary choice of words by myself may make this work look more personal than the original intention.  Therefore, as a trial, I extracted a certain sentence from a Japanese novel instead.


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[Editor's Note]

New-Method is mentioned in "ART HISTORY: JAPAN 1945-2010" (Art Diver) by Hideki Nakazawa published on 21 November.  The book is translated by Manabu Matsushita, who is also the contributor of the previous issue of our bulletin.
For more info: http://artdiver.moo.jp/?p=746 (M)


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Published on Dec. 4, 2014