"New-Method" No. 47

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"New-Method" No. 47

We introduce No. 47 of our email bulletin with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features Keitetsu Murai for the contributor, a musician, who also used to help organize sound installation events at "P3 art and environment."


Keitetsu Murai

I don't know much about New-Method.  I just saw some of their events, some of which left me only faint memory.  But, here and now, I have a ballpoint pen with the word "New Method" printed on the side.  This small item reminds me of this summer.  I remember I chose it out of four souvenirs prepared for the visitor to their "New-Method Major Solo Exhibition." There was also a plain, transparent glass on which "New Method" is printed alike, but I didn't take it as it looked too much like a work of art.  Now I feel a little regret about my choice, looking back the summer day gone forever.  The wall was covered with exhibits documenting all of their activities, and the three members of New-Method, all clad in white long-sleeve skinny T-shirts and navy workman trousers, were trying to spend as much time as possible to complete a chair in construction.  I remember it was Sunday, and the venue was called "dike" [a homonym of "carpenter" in Japanese, "daiku"].  This almost dazzling absurdity [of the pun] and yet spotless sincerity made them so beautiful.

My memory is not always certain.  Everything disappears like sound decays in time.  I always rely on memorandum to keep promises.  If there is anything certain, it helps me fabricate memories again.  Even a single pen becomes resistance to the destiny of oblivion.  Or, even just a name will help.

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama

Production Refused


Explanation refused.

- Shogo Baba

Binary Data Display No. 2


HTML is media designed for visual perception, and displaying it in the binary data invokes infinite regression as one form of visualization entails another.
In this work, I display the binary data of the web page of my web work "Multi-Layered Matrix of Symbols No. 1" in hexadecimal (base 16) values.
(cf.) "Multi-Layered Matrix of Symbols No. 1" http://7x7whitebell.net/new-method/shogobaba/041_e.html

- Masaru Kaido

The prime factors of the height of Eiger


I worked out the prime factors of the height of the Eiger, a mountain of the Bernese Alps in the middle Switzerland, known for its steep north face.  I printed out the numbers and framed the print.


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[Editor's Note]

A line in the guest contribution, "This almost dazzling absurdity and yet spotless sincerity," reminds me of another contributor Sakurako Yamamoto back in Vol.22, who described New-Method as "(seemingly) plain and frank, very effortlessly inhuman, with no shadow of gloom and resentment."
I feel both impressions represent New-Method and its activities very well.  (M)


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Published on Dec. 4, 2015