"New-Method" No. 49

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"New-Method" No. 49

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and guest contributions.  This issue No. 49 features Eiichi Hosokawa for the contributor, the president of art book publisher Art Diver.


My New-Method - in Perverted View and Egoistic Sympathy
Eiichi Hosokawa (Art Diver president)

Behind my public persona as "the president of Art Diver," I sometimes introduce myself with more playful titles like "shout critic" or "nihilist critic." The former comes from my identity as a video collector of black music and a researcher of its shouting expressions, but I wouldn't tell details as the space is limited. The latter sums up my intellectual trajectory, which began with accidental initiation to religion and psychology out of shocking encounter with [a proclaimed "super-magician"] Mr.Maric (what a dark history!) as a sensitive teenager, went through infection with postmodern-ish theories in Japanese classes of Sundai prep school, then cruised a smattering of western philosophy in university, and ended up with loose nihilism build upon egoism.

Now, let's turn on to New-Method. What they repeat is tautology, an action that makes nothing practical, and to me it suggests what "life" would be like. No need to mention Gauguin, we don't know where we come from and where we are going, thus just repeating every day for no reason. "Nihilism" emerges out of the lack of the reason for existence. Religion had been able to fill the void in days gone by, but it hardly helps today. Thus, we need powerful fictions capable of replacing the role played by religion, and as "nihilist critic," I find one of potencies of art in its voice to create such strong narratives.

To "believe" a fiction, one must "repeat" it, and repeating necessitates "how-to (= method)." What we believe would vary from one to another, but Art Diver has a single policy for all, namely, to offer diverse methods helping people "believe." In that sense, probably too much of a stretch though, I see New-Method and Art Diver resonating together, yet far from each other.

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- Takahiro Hirama

Sudden Appearance 2


No description.

- Shogo Baba

Binary Data Display No. 4


This work displays hexadecimal (base 16) values of the binary data of the web page of my web work "Binary Data Display No. 1."
However, the binary data is represented by colors of characters. Induction of color perception increases the amount of information stemming from the binary data, introducing human dimensions to decoding of the letter.
(cf.) "Binary Data Display No. 1" http://7x7whitebell.net/new-method/shogobaba/046_e.html

- Masaru Kaido

I don't know very well.


I don't know very well what this work is.


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In March, New-Method had opportunities to join talk events, one in "Execution Part" of Hideki Nakazawa Exhibition "Source and Execution" at NADiff Gallery, and the other in "Yugakukai/Yugakujuku" No. 29 at Bigakko.
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Published on Apr. 4, 2016