"New-Method" No. 56

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"New-Method" No. 56

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 56 with our works and guest contributions. This issue features So Kurosaki for the contributor, a critic and the editor of "Arguments #2" published in May.


Method Alone is not Enough
So Kurosaki (Critic)

The revised proposal of the Anti-Organized Crime Law, or so-called "Kyobo-zai" [Criminal Conspiracy], passed the Lower House by a majority approval. This revision is justified as an act to enhance counter-terrorism by authorizing the government to arrest people planning organized actions. This seems criticized strongly because it fundamentally allows the government to arbitrarily arrest any "suspicious" groups.

I live in Kyoto. In the last few years I have seen a big change happen to my living environments in the city. There is a constant increase of Airbnb-type tourist hostels. Kyoto-city has witnessed the record breaking number of visitors through the last few years. Along with this trend, I have seen groups of strangers come in and out from apartments and previously-unused houses in my neighborhood on a daily basis. Probably those places are offered for tourists to stay.

Not a few people oppose this. No wonder hotel owners took objection, and in some areas people even went further to give out flyers with "No to Minpaku[Airbnb-type hotels]" messages. However, fundamentally speaking, it is not possible to ban people from inviting others to their private spaces based on personal connection. There is no rationale to deprive people of the right to offer a place to "friends."

We've seen new concepts of defence and invitation. With the emergence of SNS, we are able to stock an enormous amount of personal relations by handling them one-dimensionally. However, it has also encouraged us to create uncanny groups whose networks are mostly intangible from the outside. A new method drives us to explore possibilities and risks to their limits respectively. How can we intervene in this bipolar extremism torn apart by our one-dimensional relationship? Here, criticism and work of art find a place to intersect.

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- Takahiro Hirama

No work


I will not exhibit any work in the email bulletin 'New Method' No. 56.

- Shogo Baba

Meanings and Displays No. 5


HTML, used across websites, provides sentences/words/characters with meanings which hold independence from their signs on display.
This work gives meanings to a webpage to complicate what the viewer finds there. This work applies the method to the web work "New-Method" web page.
(cf.) "New-Method" web page

- Masaru Kaido

Just being under


Recently I have many opportunities to take pictures with color negative films. With an AE [auto-exposure adjustment] compact camera unable to manually adjust exposure, pictures taken in dark places often become under-exposed, too dark to have any objects visible at all. While we may expect pictures taken in dark place to be as dark and almost black accordingly, their resulting prints would be more like noisy grey due to auto-exposure adjustment during printing processes.
Well, it would go without saying back when film photography was common.


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Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group, to which we belong as founding members, had its first anniversary in May, 2017.


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Published on Jun. 4, 2017