"New-Method" No. 61

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"New-Method" No. 61

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 61 with our works and guest contributions. This issue features independent curator Arata Hasegawa for the contributor.


Enlightenment and Science
Arata Hasegawa (Independent curator)

At the university of Konigsberg, Kant had lectured on the subject of "physical geography" through more than 40 years from 1756 (at age 32) to 1798 (then 74). The fact that this philosopher of the famous three "Critiques" maintained attention to natural science like geography must be attributed not only to his personality traits but also to trends in the eighteenth century Europe. It was Michel Foucault who revealed that Kant's "humanities," another subject he had lectured in parallel with geography, functioned as assuming the concept of "man" as "living, speaking and laboring." It should be also noted immediately that Foucault valued Kant at least in terms of "enlightenment." Here we can find a duality.

An enlightened ruler is known for his statement "king is the first servant of the state," behind which we can see his clever strategies to legitimate his power "through practice" in the midst of inevitable changes of the existing systems. It sounds almost analogue to what can be called "invisible enlightenment" in our time, which we can find with curators behaving as though "understanding the artist most correctly" and demonstrating the "normative audience." We need to question the interplay between enlightenment and science again. This recurring method, to which actor network theory is not irrelevant either, is required to be developed in curatorial practices today. It is directed to measure forces that intervene the intermediating "and" in the relation of "person and thing." At least on this ground, we have no such genres as "media art."

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- Takahiro Hirama

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- Shogo Baba

Arrow Symbols No. 4


In many countries, the arrow symbol is commonly used as a symbol to indicate directions.  With its capability of indicating directions, the symbol creates spatiality in the digital realm.  This series arrange arrow symbols according to certain rules and visually create spatiality.

- Masaru Kaido



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"New-method" is covered in a small section of the art collective feature of "Bijutsutecho" April / May 2018 issue. (New-Method)


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Published on Apr. 4, 2018