"New-Method" No.  62

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"New-Method" No.  62

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No.  62 with our works and guest contributions.  This issue features writer, editor and curator Hiroki Tsutsui for the contributor.


Duality in Greenberg's Modernism
Hiroki Tsutsui (Researcher of modern and contemporary art)

Art critic Clement Greenberg regarded modernism as the process of self-criticism in art forms.  Furthermore, he saw the essence of art in medium-specificity, and supposed that the essence of art would reveal itself in the process of rejecting conventions in its form, or, in other words, discarding various elements borrowed from other forms of art.

We all know, however, Greenberg stopped a step before reduction to "specific objects" and saw the essence of the medium of painting in "optical illusion." As pointed out by critics like Rosalind E.  Krauss, Greenberg slid the essence of the medium of painting from physical realm to visual one.  Or, we can also interpret his call for reductive operation toward the essence of medium as leading to an overlap between the physical dimension of "specific objects" and the visual dimension of "optical illusion." Whereas his argument dealt with the essence of the medium of painting from its objective aspect, i.e., as a problematic of physical conditions in its support, Greenberg later supplemented his idea with its subjective aspect by questioning perception experienced by the viewer.

Such duality of Greenberg has confused a lot of discussions founded upon his idea of modernism.  For example, Joseph Kosuth criticised Greenberg by describing him as "the critic of taste" for the inevitable intervention of aesthetic judgement in his decision, but this remains only partially accurate as his modernism still suggests potentials that go beyond the criticism.

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- Takahiro Hirama

Smells so Good...  


- Shogo Baba

Arrow Symbols No.  5


In many countries, the arrow symbol is commonly used as a symbol to indicate directions.  With its capability of indicating directions, the symbol creates spatiality in the digital realm.  This series arrange arrow symbols according to certain rules and visually create spatiality.

- Masaru Kaido

How cute kittens are!!


Have you ever had a pet? With a dog rushing to you friendlily with its tail wagging, or a cat staring at you with its such charming eyes, their loveliness would drive you to take pictures (and to upload them to Instagram).  The other day, a room-mate in my share house came back with stray cats that found in my neighborhood.  Not one, two cats.  That evening, other room-mates and I played with the cats, sleepiness until 3 o'clock.  This work is a smartphone photo I took that night.


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In Japan, it is expected to be very hot this summer, even hotter than usual.  From June to August, it seems very likely that the Pacific High Pressure and the Tibetan High Pressure overhang in the vicinity of Japan and overlap each other to cause very high temperature.  According to the Meteorological Agency, June will be cloudy and rainy.  In July, it is expected to have a 50% chance of sunny days and higher temperatures than usual.  Please be careful with heat stroke.  (New-Method)


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Published on Jun. 4, 2018