"New-Method" No. 57

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"New-Method" No. 57

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 57 with our works and guest contributions. This issue features Tomotaro Kaneko for the contributor, a researcher of aesthetics and aural culture studies.


Account of Ears
Tomotaro Kaneko (Researcher of Aesthetics)

Recently I'm fascinated by Yoshida Yoshie's report on "On-E" [lit. sound meeting]. The event was organized by Yutaka Matsuzawa as a "concert" in a mountain of Simosuwa for two days in 1971.  "Although it claims to be a concert," says Yoshida, "it premises no use of any sort of musical instruments.  It restricts not only hand-made instruments but also audible bodily moves including breathing, or natural sounds (wind, murmuring of tree leaves or streams), and even stimuli like light and flavour as they are supposed to invoke sound or music within our bodily topography ranging from the sensory system to the conceptual realm.  It is a fun play to discover acousticity and rhythms through an ecological event that existing musical instruments cannot produce."  This account alone may not be specific enough, so let me quote a little more.  "From midnight to dawn, Taku Furusawa confined his own body within lead plates, addressing his breath to audience through a narrow tube. However, with the mountain's weather getting very cold, he went into convulsions and had to stop the performance in the middle."  Some photo documents show him sealed up in the lead plates.  The event was held on 10th and 11th of July.  It started on the same day as I'm writing this.

Yoshida considered On-E as "an ecological response cultivated through conversations with nature."  His imagination stretched further towards natural sounds outside the human hearing range.  "It is a layer of sounds which excellent musicians have sought out from within their innermost core.  Perhaps, ancient people must have been able to hear conversations of ants."  Jazz critic Teruto Soejima was also present when Yoshida discussed these stories.  I wonder how they had developed such imaginative ideas in those days.

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- Takahiro Hirama

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I will not exhibit any work in the email bulletin 'New Method' No. 57.

- Shogo Baba

Meanings and Displays No. 6


HTML, used across websites, provides sentences/words/characters with meanings which hold independence from their signs on display.
This work gives meanings to a webpage to complicate what the viewer finds there. This work applies the method to the bulletin "New-Method" No.57 web page.
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- Masaru Kaido

Plagiarizing: Sudden Appearance


I plagiarize the work of Takahiro Hirama and present it as my work.


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